Our Principles

One thing all of us at Gradient agreed on was the need to become a principle-driven company. Why is this important? Principles don’t change, even if everything else does. After about a month of discussion, collaboration, and revision, our team came together and developed eleven principles—and we’re so proud of them we decided to post them on our main website, for everyone to see. Take a look below, and let us know what you think.

Gradient leaders…*

  1. Are honest and integral to a fault: if we say something will be done, then it will be done. We conform our words to reality (honesty) and reality to our words (integrity).
  2. Do more with less: We are frugal and look for ways to avoid spending time and money when it is not needed.
  3. Think win-win: Success is not zero-sum. Our clients, partners, and vendors’ success is our success. We build credible, reliable, and honest relationships with every client, partner, and ally.
  4. Prove themselves wrong: We seek diverse perspectives, look for alternative hypotheses, investigate the details, and stress-test our analyses to ensure that we are right. We never assume we are right.
  5. Are obsessed with constant improvement: Individually, we are always looking to learn new techniques and develop valuable skills sets. We proactively seek feedback to improve our collective performance.
  6. Collaborate and communicate extremely well: We value team contribution over individual contribution. We are excellent team players that go the extra mile to make it easy to work with others.
  7. Deliver results, not work: We don’t value work, we value results. We are always moving toward delivering value to our clients.
  8. Take care of each other: We care for each other’s well-being and celebrate alternative perspectives.
  9. Self-Manage: We take ownership of our work by prioritizing and organizing effectively with our colleagues while acting on behalf of the entire company.
  10. Investigate deeply: We are never satisfied with the first layer of understanding, or fixing symptoms instead of underlying causes. We fix problems so they stay fixed.
  11. Are ambitious risk takers: We push the definition of normal by moving fast and pursuing new, unconventional solutions.

*and we’re all leaders in the company